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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 2 – That Wedding Morning

Hope you have enjoyed the first post on the wedding games. The reason why I wanted to post it as the first post because of its entertainment value.

One of my blogger’s friend told me it was yukkie and super grossed to be eating the creepy crawlers as “breakfast”. She also shared that she was a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding and the whole wedding game scene turned really ugly when the groomsmen were playing too rough and the bridesmaids were somehow offended. But this will be for next post.

wedding make up artist

Back to my cousin’s wedding, she was getting ready since 5 plus in the morning. The make-up artist came at about 6, I think and had her hair and make-up done. The first thought that came to my mind about this make-up artist was that she was very thoughtful. She was even wearing a mask, which I interpreted as “hygienic”.

My cousin was ever chirpy and vibrant. I’m not sure if she was anxious but she is forever so calm and cool. And of course, not forgetting she is always so lovely and pretty.

wedding pretty bride

It was her big day and I was not sure how she could be so calm. I remembered on my wedding day, I was very excited and anxious.

As she was wearing her wedding gown, she couldn’t really move around with the long train. This is also to avoid perspiration on the face that would stain the make-up. So she just had to sit on the edge of the bed and wait for guests to take pictures with her.

I love weddings as everyone was so happy and I could take lovely wedding pictures of people’s emotions and expressions.

cute wedding baby

You see that picture of my baby nephew. He didn’t sleep the whole night and same goes for daddy and mommy who were entertaining him the whole night. So he was still wide awake at 6.15am when we reached there.

On him was the wedding card from the bride’s elder sister and brother-in-law.

At about 6.50am, it is a Chinese wedding practice for the parents to cover the bride’s face with the veil. And soon after, it was briefing time among the bride and the bridesmaids. The briefing time could be on some final matters such the type of wedding games that would be played, the roles of every bridesmaid and so on.

I’m sure things would still crop up no matter how “perfect” the plan is. What matter most is solve the problem on the spot and move on.

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