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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 1 – Wedding Games

Chinese wedding game dish

I remember the wedding games for me during my wedding. There were different types of food that resembles the 4 aspects of a marriage life – sourness, sweetness, bitterness and spiciness.

I remembered my wife’s bridesmaids prepared a breakfast for me and my groomsmen – sugarcane, dark chocolate, lime and small chili. It was really a memorable breakfast for us.

As much as we dislike the games we had, we still had to go through time, especially for me. I even remembered pole-dancing and one of my groomsmen acted as a pole.

How embarrasing! It was funny when I look back now.

Chinese wedding game cricket burger

My cousin’s fiance was not that lucky and so were the groomsmen who tagged along.

Last Sunday was her wedding and I reached her house at 6.30am.

Her sisters (bridesmaids) were already there preparing breakfast for the groom and his envoy.

Let me tell you the menu for each person:
1. One cup of lychee drink mixed with concentrated lime juice
2. One hamburger with chilli padi mixed with microwaved crickets and maggots
3. One slice of lime

The sisters even prepared a list of rules for the games and some of them are
1. “the party is not to bear any grudge against the bridesmaids after the game”,
2. “the groom and groomsmen have to go through the games with a smile on their face” and
3. “there is strictly no room for negotiation.”

It was really funny and entertaining for us, the bystanders to observe when the bridesmaids were preparing the food. We were joking about how much the grooms’ party had to suffer later on. On the other hand, we were also thinking “poor thing”, they had to eat all these.

Now let me show you the pictures as I believe pictures speak a thousand words.

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