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Unsubscribed Because “No Longer Preparing Wedding”

Today I received an email from a ex-subscriber to My Wedding Blog.

In the reason she gave was “No Longer Preparing Wedding“.

Immediately there are a few thoughts on my mind.

Is she not preparing her wedding because it has been postponed?

Or is it cancelled?

I have a couple of experiences when some other previous brides emailed me thanking me for my help and in addition to that, they mentioned that they no longer needed my help.

I was elated initially as I thought their weddings were over. However, they explained that their weddings were called off due to some unforseen circumstances.

I was saddened to hear such news. Inevitably, in my journey to provide help for all brides and grooms who are preparing for their weddings, I will still hear such news which are unavoidable in the long run.

Sad or not sad, it is up to the bride herself to decipher.

I have some ex-brides who emailed me again a few weeks after their weddings were called off, sharing that the decision was indeed appropriate when they gave it more thoughts.

They mentioned they would have more time to think over if their “husbands” were the right one for them.

They have more time to build their savings.

They have more time to mentally prepare what marriage life will set upon them.

Interestingly, they always ended off their emails with “Not to worry. I will stay strong.

In life, we always have to make certain decisions. Some are big whereas others are even bigger and more significant.

Sometimes, once we make such life-changing decisions in our life, we never look back.

I know during proposal, there is always this surge in excited and joyous feelings that you are getting married.

However, if you are not prepared mentally, financially, emotionally for this life-long journey, the journey is going to be tough.

I didn’t say it is impossible to overcome the challenges. I’m saying that it will be tougher for those who are unprepared.

So, I want to take these opportunities to wish that every couple, bride or groom all the best in the decisions they have made or are going to make.

Here are 5 things couples must come to an agreement before they walk down the wedding aisle:
1. Agree who will wash the dishes
2. Agree who will control the family finances
3. Agree who will take care of what aspect of housechores
4. Agree who will pay for what expenses
5. Agree who will give way when conflict arises

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