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Marisa Wedding Gowns

I know my posts have been quite irregular this week and also partially, I was down with flu and slight fever.

For these few days, I was also thinking how to present my wedding blog in a different manner.

A few days ago, I was doing intensive research all these whiles to find out what kind of posts my readers like to read.

Rather than going for the quantity, I have decided to go for quality and targetting the “needs” and “wishes” of my readers.

The post on “Maggie Sottero Wedding Gowns” has overwhelming readership and my guess is why not I just blog about what readers want – wedding gowns, bridal hair styles and so on.

I did some research on this post – Marisa Wedding Gowns and I quoted the below from quite a number of bridal blogs. “onewed.com” and “netbride.com” and I have reorganise them so that the whole content flows. I don’t want to pretend to be wedding gowns savvy because first fo all, I’m a guy. The wedding gowns jargons are hard to grasp but I must admit I’m addicted to the unique designs these wedding gowns have.

So here you go. (Remember these are quoted and the pictures are for your info so that there is no need for you to spend time surfing for what you want to find.)

“All of the bridal gowns featured at Marisa are designed by Tamara Kristen.

Marisa uses a wide variety of skirt styles, ranging from sheath, narrow A-line, modified A-line, trumpet A-line, mermaid skirt, bubble skirt, full A-line, and full skirt, to ball gown.

Some of the elegant detailing includes tiered backs, lace sashes, satin sashes, asymmetrical draping, and embroidered bodice. Marisa displays cuts with back drapes, cross over bodice, chiffon tiered hemline, pleated bodice, side, front, and back pick-ups, pin tucked dupioni waist sash, and charmeuse cummerbunds.

Marisa accents many of their dresses with ornate beading, ribbon detail, crystal broach, single pleated detail, multi-textured stones, chantilly lace, embroidered vines and flowers, crystal embroidery, and streamers. Their styles include halters, strapless princess line, sweetheart bodice, sweetheart knotted bodice, spaghetti strapped corset, and pick-up skirts.

The line of full-dress colors include ivory, white, cafe, champagne, gold, and nude.

A Quick Summary of Tamara Kristen:
Tamara Kristen believes that elaborate decorations should take a backseat to the contours of a wedding gown.

Tamara Kristen, who has designed dresses under the Marisa label for 13 years, has developed a reputation for her understated elegance. Focusing on structure and fit, Kristen says she is not a fan of long, flowy sleeves on a wedding gown, which she says can make a dress look overdone. Instead, Kristen favors an ?accented? sleeve, such as a cap sleeve, or a three-quarter-length style.”

Marisa Wedding Gowns

Marisa Wedding Gowns

Marisa Wedding Gowns

Marisa Wedding Gowns

Marisa Wedding Gowns
For more info, go to marisabridals.com

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