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Have You Ever Stayed In Your Wife’s Office Till 4am?

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It was my breaking of record.

Have you ever stayed in your wife’s office till 4am?

I just did a few days ago.

It was initially madness as it was my first time doing that.

However, when I come to think about it, it was a good chance for me to observe for myself why she is so busy all the time.

I think it was like those school days when you get to visit your parents’ offices and you awed in amazement.

And after that day, you got to understand your parents a little bit better.

If your wife is busy all the time, you may want to meet her for dinner and pop by her office after that.

I know it is not easy.

Meeting her in office also gets to motivate her so she can work faster just because she knows someone she loves is waiting for her.

Don’t you feel good if your husband sits beside you while you work?

He may not be of much help. He can play his playstation games or read a book. The physical presence makes a big difference, doesn’t it?

If he can’t possibly be in your office for security reasons, your husband can hang around in the premises till you got off work.

I’m sure him being around makes you feel safer when you are getting off your office building or entering the lift of your flat.

He becomes your protector and guardian for this period of time.

Actually for me, it was inititally difficult to meet her in her office.

First of all, I don’t really drive and I don’t have a car.

However, I think it is not an excuse.

Even if I have to walk, I will reach her office.

Easier to say than to be done, but I know you get my point.

It takes a commitment to take care of my wife and these are the test of times.

Do it just because she is my wife.

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