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Seeking Wedding Advice – Check Out Who You Are Asking?

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Who do you ask when you need a solution to your wedding problem?

Again, there are many aspects of the wedding.

There are problems related to relationship, families, finances and so on.

1. Relationship problems:
Do you ask someone with a healthy relationship or someone with a screwed up relationship?

Do you ask someone who has been married a few times or who is doing whatever it takes to solidify and maintain her marriage?

Do you ask someone who has not even gone through any relationship at all?

Actually it all depends on the mindset you have at that point in time.

I know it is very painful to be experiencing relationship problems especially some are on the verge of break-ups. Others may be confused of where to go on from there.

If you ask friends, most will say “It is fine and there is nothing to worry.”

You may end up felling unheard and more traumatised and tired, physically and mentally.

If you are facing such problems, there are local helplines which do not require you to divulge your names. The calls are confidential and there is always a professional helper or a trained worker to man the call.

They will explore with you more on your feelings rather than giving you an instant solution. In fact, you already have an answer and you just need a guiding light to lead you through the misty forest.

2. Financial problems:
Normally famileis are the ones who can help you most.

If families are not ready to pool together money for your wedding, you can consider other options.

If you are facing this problem, there are money loan from friends, banks and credit-card.

3. Families problems

What if you can’t communicate with your mother-in-law?

What if your husband to be can’t communicate with your mother?

This is going to be challenging as all will be staying under one roof in the very near future.

If you are close to your mother, do speak to her on your husband’s behalf and explore ways how your mother and your husband can better communicate.

I know it is not easy and it may take months or even years.

What other problems are you experiecing now? I would love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to “Seeking Wedding Advice – Check Out Who You Are Asking?”

  1. 1
    Love Coach Sg Says:

    Very practical post. I’ve realised that seeking help is a very under-rated activity.

    When you asked the right person for advice, you are actually helping yourselves to halve the time to make the decision you need. Conversely, ask the wrong person and you’ll end up with more headaches than before!

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    to kloudiia – a lot of times we are emotionally attached to the person giving the “wrong” advice even thou we know that the advice may not be the best….

    so what u say is right, seek advice from the right person 🙂

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