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What is Your Purpose of Getting Married?

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Do you know what you got married in the first place?

What is the purpose?

Is it to get married because your friends are doing so?

Or is it to protect her for eternality?

I know my reason of getting married.

Do you?

Are there times you just want to give up your relationship because of some misunderstandings?

Are there times you thought for a moment you married the wrong person because you can’t stand her weird habits?

Are there times that you just feel so hopeless and helpless because you are overwhelmed by the responsiblity of a spouse and a parent?

One of the first reasons for my marriage is because I love my wife and I know she is the one. The other is to protect and support her for eternality (so she never need to work again and can chase her own dream).

I need reasons to forge forward of her in times of difficulties, challenges and conflicts.

I need these reasons to forgive her and to support this family.

I need reasons to take care of her daily from making sure she has fruits to eat to ensuring that she has drunk enough water.

There are times when conflicts and arguments arise, I need these reasons just simply to forgive her.

There are times I took the beatings for her carelessness and I chose to forget simply because for these reasons.

9 months into marriage and I can honestly tell you that it is not easy.

It has been very enjoyable and scary at different times and this is what a family is about.

Knowing that I need to support her financially make me took up 2 jobs. One that is my full time job and the other is building my very own business.

I work at least 18 hours a day.

It is not easy to juggle these huge tasks daily and making me very exhausted.

However, I pasted this big paper of “My Purpose” in front of my computer and I read it at least 5 times everyday.

Reading it gives me new energy to forge forward, not for myself, but just for my wife.

I know many of you are working adults. Taking one job is hard and managing the house after work in that tired body of yours is even tougher.

Kudos to all of you and especially to those of you with children!

I admire you for sacrificing so much for your family.

I have lots to learn from you.

Lets all forge forward just for our family!

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