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Why My Wedding Blog?


It has been quite a while. My Wedding Blog has taken many steps, some tough and challenging, to have arrived to where it is today.

Wedding Blogging has been my life. It is my life.

It is not easy to go through life. Likewise for sustaining a wedding blog.

It is just as hard to sustain a marriage and making it stabilise.

When you are doing something good for people, there will be people who like it and people who hate it.

For those who love it, they send you thank you emails, letting you know their weddings were a success because of the help this blog has given.

For those who find it too commercialised, they may forget that sustaining a wedding blog needs support too, readers support as well as financial support.

Nothing comes free. Bus transport isn’t free. Postal service isn’t free. Likewise, surfing the net right now isn’t free because you have to pay for the computer, the internet access and the electricity.

A wedding blog isn’t free. A domain name is about US$10 per year, email support is about US$20 per month, the webhosting is about US$20 per month, the broadband subscription and other miscellaneous is about US$20 per month.

Not forgetting the tons of bridal magazines and wedding planning guidebooks I am reading to make me ready to answer most of the brides’ questions which I get about ten per day.

A wedding blog needs money to support it. Just like marriage, it can’t be sustained based on pure love.

Try having a wedding and building a marriage without money. And see what happens.

I guess many people forgot that a wedding blogger is also a human. I am as human as all of you. I have weighty tasks to bear and a family to feed.

I have family to support and challenges in life to go through.

To have discipline to post daily is not easy. I’m not always in the mood to post. “I just got a thrashing from my mother-in-law over the phone. And it lasted for 45 minutes.

However, we can’t say we don’t go to work because of emotional mood swing.

We still have to work. I still have to post.


Because of the commitment to help wedding couples.

This blog has about 600 posts and it’s only 1 year old. Readership has been increasing steadily at 20% increase every month. Now I have about 600 unique readers per day with almost half as loyal readers.

Meeting the needs of all readers aren’t easy.

There are readers who are clueless about wedding planning and I have to hand-hold them through the entire year.

There are readers who have deep pockets, and they want a lavish wedding.

There are some readers who need maternity wear as their wedding gowns.

I forgot to mention I have readers from across the globe. (readers from United States all the way through Africa and to Singapore.) This will bring about wedding of at least 100 different cultures!

Not every bride and groom succeeded in walking down the aisle. Some couples didn’t even last for 2 months and they broke off.

Some newly-wed couples came back to me, seeking help from their monstrous mother-in-laws or sisters-in-law from hell.

Somehow, I began to offer email and tele-consulation.

I see my wedding blog evolving and trying to be as diversified as possible. I know I will lose some readers and also gain from readers. (Just like life. As we grow up, we lose some friends and gain some.)

I’m doing my best as a wedding blogger I possibly can and I know I can’t possibly satisfy every reader. Still I will do my best to provide useful information.

Okie…time to end off as I just receive another email from a bride in crisis.

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