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wedding band 101

Clueless of what to get for beautiful bridal rings sets?

Surf the net and get your answer. Today I would like to introduce JelweryVoretx.com, an online site that sell diamond jewelry, gold chains, titanium jewelry, silver jewlery, brandname watches and birthstone jewelry.

It is really common to see titanium jewelry, silver jewelry and gold chains in most wedding jewelry websites. The unqiue of JelweryVortex.com is that it sells watches, birthstones and designer wedding bands.

1. Watches

Do you long for a branded watches without spending all your salary? JelweryVortex.com offers a wide selection of men watches from brand names such as Movado, Bulova, Breitling and Cartier at much less than the retail price

If the men out there are looking gifts for the women of your life, you can also get women watches. Piaget, Longines, Concord, and Bvlgari are some of the brand name watches you can find at JewelryVortex.com

designer watch designer watch designer watch

designer watch designer watch designer watch

2. Birthstone Jewelry

Very few jewelry websites sells brithstone jewelry.

Birthstones are often believed to be the “good luck” stone and they carry a romantic and special meaning. Some even believe that brithstones can specially protect the wearer and may even bring them better health.

sapphire wedding ring

Lets say your wife is born in the month of September, you may wish to get for her a Sapphire gemstone.

“Quoted from JewleryVortex.com”

“Sapphire is a gemstone that can be found in different colors; blues, pinks, and yellows. Ancients believed that the earth rested on a massive blue sapphire which reflected into the sky. This stone was once worn by one of the most famous kings and emperors to protect themselves from danger. Sapphire is one of the most fascinating gemstones anyone could have.”

Thus, you can see the wedding ring you are buying for her has added meaning and value. It is more than a wedding ring and I’m sure she will be specially impressed by the extra mile you are going just for her.

Do check out their website as you can also create a family ring with the birthstones of your family members with a free engraving of your choice!

3. Designer Wedding Bands

These deisgner wedding bands have unique styles by a designer. Eternity band with Pave, Channel, Invisible and Bezel diamond setting brings out the maximum shine of the diamonds to brighten your day.

There are a variety to choose from and you can choose white, yellow and rose gold to match your necklaces or bracelets.

designer wedding banddesigner wedding banddesigner wedding band

designer wedding banddesigner wedding banddesigner wedding band

Personally, I feel if you can afford it, you may want to take a look at designer wedding bands as they are more unique and come in small batches which makes them rarer in the market. It also means that you are wearing one of the few wedding bands available in the worldwide world.

Of course, they don’t call it “designer wedding bands” for no reason. Every one of the designs are specially crafted and personally designed by the famous designers who have made a name for himself in the wedding rings industry.

Of course, there are many more beautiful bridal jewelry in JewelryVortex.com. So remember to check out their site.

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