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Wedding Bells for Mr. & Ms. Laidback – by Violet Lim

This article is extracted from a Singapore’s Match-making blog:

relationship advice

“Two of our members are tying the knot today! 🙂

Actually, as I am writing this post, they are probably saying their vows. Their respective dating consultants are representing the company to attend the solemnization ceremony.

The couple dropped by earlier this week to convey their thank yous.

Jamie and I met up with them, and we had a good chat. Let?s call them Mr. and Ms. Laidback, soon to be known as Mr. and Mrs. Laidback. 🙂

As for why I decided to name them Mr. & Ms. Laidback? I actually mean it in a good way, because I feel that they are both very relaxed and friendly, and both quick to warm up to people. 🙂

So anyway, the story goes like this?

They went on their first date, and Ms. L was very stressed out at work that day. So she broke every first date rule possible. It?s quite funny?

She told me, ?You know the list of Do?s and Don?ts you guys send us in your email, I broke every single one of them!?

Basically, she unloaded her stress on him. Oops!

According to Mr. L, he thought Ms. L was definitely quite different from his previous dates! Haha! 🙂

And if that?s not bad enough, after he gave her his namecard, she forgot to give him hers. So on his side, he thought she?s probably not interested in exchanging details.

You would think that with that, there?s where the story would end right?

Haha! Since you know that they have just tied the knot? the story did not end there. 🙂

One month later when it was the Lunar New Year period, Ms. L sent out mass SMSes to wish her friends Happy New Year, and? Mr. L was one of the people whom she sent a SMS to.

Mr. L actually replied? ?Who are you?? as he does not have her number on his phone!!!

Fortunately, Ms. L took no offence, and they decided to meet up again.

And a few dates later? they decided to be a couple.

And a year later? they are now? Mr. & Mrs L! Amazing isn?t it? It is stories like this that keep my team and I going! 🙂

So, the moral of the story is?

#1: Things may not always be what they seem. It would seem that Ms. L is not interested in Mr. L on the first date. But, she was probably just too stressed out.

#2: Never burn your bridges. By saving Mr. L?s number on her mobile, Ms. L established contact again when she sent out the mass SMSes. 🙂

My dear readers, have a great weekend ahead!”

Short intro of Violet:

Aspired to be ?Ally McBeal?, but ended up as ?Miss Match? instead.

20-something, happily married, mummy of baby boy.

Co-founder of Lunch Actually, Asia?s first lunch dating company.

When not busy matchmaking singles in Singapore & KL, can be found at Toastmasters & Rotary meetings.

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