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Are Singaporean Guys Romantic?

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It is a very controversial topic and many people, especially after their weddings, have different opinions on this.

Are Singaporean guy romantic?

In fact, there are some male friends of mine who are.

I remembered a male friend of mine deployed 10 of his friends to make a heart using fire sprinklers at a beach. The size was about half of a basketball court. It was their second year into their relationship.

Another male friend of mine sprinkled rose petals in a hotel room during Valentine’s Day and lined the petals from the middle of the bed to the door.

The third male friend of mine inflated tens of heart-shaped balloons using helium gas and filled his car’s boot with them. He blindfolded his girlfriend and led her to open the boot by herself and the amzing sight was when all the balloons flew up.

Of course again, these special acts are done during special days such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Days and even wedding proposals.

What about normal days, especially after their wedding?

Many of my female friends complained that reality set in once after their weddings ended and their husbands cut down the surprises and gifts for them.

For a moment, they realised they were getting more before their weddings.

I heard that from a lady that her husband was absolutely not a romantic man who doesn’t even cooked instant noodle for her. Thus, she could only wish her husband do romantic things only when she sleeps.

Others grumbled that they never receive a paper aeroplane from their husbands and getting paper cranes from them can only be a dream.

I feel whether romantic or not, it is really up to the couples themselves to judge. Some can shout “I love you” for tens of times in public and it may be seen as not really romantic by others. Some find it embarrasing in fact.

Some guys can do a million loving things to please their wives but their wives may find their high expectations unmet.

Others easily get delighted over simple acts of care and concern.

Some easily satisfied couples find eating muffins together at their balcony romantic though it is just a plain muffin. To them, it is the quality time that is spent together.

For me, I made a point to sprinkle our daily routine life with little romance now and then.

These are 5 things I made it a point to do:

First, I buy her flowers once a month to reward her hard work in her career.

Second, I buy her little gifts which I know will amuse her.

Third, I get her fruits and food that she loves to eat.

Fourth, a short massage done a day definitely can chase the stress away.

Fifth, hand-make her gifts rather than buy.

You can see that these are some simple ways to inject more romance into your relationship.

What you can do right now is ask yourself what your spouse like which does not require money? Maybe just singing a song for her even though you may not be the best singer. But I’m sure you are much better than William Hung of past season of American Idol.

Or get a piece of A4 paper and write “I love you, dear and thanks so much for being my husband!” You see, this only takes a few minutes to do it.

Go do it right now and you are a step closer making your marriage a more romantic one.

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