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Marriage is a process of many ups and downs.

It is never like what some of the medias portray as a smooth and comfortable bed of roses.

If a couple tells you that they never have any disagreement or conflict, they are lying.

Nowadays, there are many ways to seek advice or opinions when someone bump into a wall in his or her relationship.

One of the common ways is confiding in a trusted friend.

Remember the last time you have a problem and you could have confided in either your colleagues or your buddies.

However, such move is dangerous as untrained friends may start giving you advice and they want you to do this or that, thinking that the solutions they provide are fool-proof.

In actual fact, friends are most likely talking from their perspective and they may not necessarily fully understand what situations you are in.

In addition, you may just be seeking a listening ear rather than a solution.

Have you felt even more at loss after telling a friend your problem and all he does is tell you “not to worry” or “don’t think about it”?

The second way of looking for an answer is turn to God of your own religion. Some people just pray or they prefer to sit alone in a church or chapel to have some quiet moments. Others meditate.

The third way is to call a helpine offered in your country. There may be helplines for distressed couples or unhappy bride or groom. Helplines are manned by professional social workers or trained volunteers who will have more skills and knowledge to address the different issues that couples have. This is one of the highly recommended ways to seek an answer.

The fourth method is to turn to internet and type out what you are looking for. For instance, lets say a person is feeling unhappy with her mother-in-law, she may Google “how to deal with unreasonable mother-in-laws”.

Or some grooms may be short of cash for the weddings, so they may Google “how to earn more money.”

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The fifth method which will be getting more and more popular is to turn to credible wedding or marriage blogs and look for common experiences from the bloggers. For instance, the blogger may have blog about how he resolve conflicts with his wife and the reader may apply similar method in his marriage.

In fact, I have more and more subscribers who email me to tell me about their problems. I call this “e-support” and members and I exchange emails so that the members will get help while feeling there is support for them.

In short, these are the 5 ways you can get help:
1. Turn to friends or buddies
2. Turning to your religion
3. Call a Helpline
4. Google
5. Wedding/ Marriage Blogs

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