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Wedding Couples Far Far Apart

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With globalisation being a common word in our daily conversation, stories of weddings couples being separated by force are getting very common too.

I am talking about globalisation and its impact on wedding couples.

I remember one of my friends who used to wake up everyday at 6am in the morning so that she could chat with her boyfriend who was in the States at that time and the time difference was 12 hours apart.

A bride shared with me that her wedding had to be postponed because her husband-to-be had to work in the Middle East for 6 months because of his work obligation.

Another story that I heard was that the wedding got cancelled because the couples couldn’t come to an agreement about migrating to another country due to the husband’s job transfer to another country.

One more interesting incident which happened to a friend of mine, was that right after the wedding, the husband had to fly to Germany because of work. So there goes their honeymoon.

Despite the challenge of ovecoming this physical distance and the emotional torture of separation, there are true stories of the wife flying frequently to visit her husband during the weekends and yes, only if you can afford the expensive airfares.

Our very dear Singapore entrepreneur, Nanz who used to own the 1.99 shop, had gone through a period of time of flying from Japan to the States to accompany her husband and it happened on a regular basis.

My cousin who was married to his very pretty wife in December 07 had his wife to thank. Due to expansion of family business into another country, his wife had to make the decision of staying with her husband permanently. And it is a new beginning for her when she has to start everything from scratch, which include getting used to a new diet and speaking a new language.

My high school classmate gave up her acountacy job to accompany her husband who was transferred to United Kingdom. Though there was a sharp adaptation curve for this young lady in a completely new environment, she had wonderful time planning her trip to neighbouring countries in Europe during short breaks.

To come to think of it, globalisation does affect everyone, including the ones who are very close and dear to me.

And if you may be experiencing the fact that one of you may need to be outstationed in overseas, there are many means of communications with your spouse everyday:
1. MSN with web-cam
2. Email
3. Phone with international call
4. Skype
5. Yahoo Messenger and other similar online-chat services

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2 Responses to “Wedding Couples Far Far Apart”

  1. 1
    marina Says:

    Yeah, technology does help in easing but nothing beats physical interaction. I wish we had a teleportation device :]

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    hi marina, yah…nothing beats flying straight to your love one and being embrace

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