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5 Tips to a Romantic and Happy Marriage for Newly Weds

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Happy are they who are newly married. How can they continue to let the fire sizzle? Are there any ways they can turn the temperature higher as they count the days towards their anniversary?

Some say newly weds don?t need these tips since love and romance are at an all-time high. Yet, we can?t ignore a fact that many couples are also experiencing a dip in their passion from the toil of having to fit into each other?s lifestyle, especially for those who have a wide gap in their living habits.

So for those who find themselves already sweating, it?s time to put the exasperation aside and relive the romance like a newly wed should to let love and marriage last!

5 Tips to a Romantic and Happy Marriage for Newly Weds

1. Take turns to make breakfast for each other at least once a week.

2. Stare into each other?s eyes lovingly, like a doe-eyed puppy. Do this for at least 5 minutes, thrice a week.

3. Take turns to give each other a 10-minute foot massage every other day.

4. Plan to have a fantastic and special night of intimacy once a week. Satisfy each other based on what they like in that night. No disturbances are allowed.

5. Relive dating! Go out and have fun, like the way you did before you were married. Do not go home until you?re both tired out, but extremely happy.

This post is contributed by Love Coach Kloudiia and you can read more about her at kloudiia.com

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    Wedding Favors Says:

    I loved this post, especially about dating. My husband and I go out on a date at least once a month..even tho we have kids. It’s important to have a date night. It works for us!!!

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