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Reveal of How My Father Passed Away

For the past 15 years of my life, I have never really knew how my father felt when he was leaving this world.

It was not until I was told a moment ago that he died peacefully in his bed at the hospice at about 10 am.

In fact, there was a time he actually left this world and he was travelling on a path towards a door which was brightly lit.

He heard one of my cousins shouted for his name and that made him turned back.

When he woke up, he told my relatives crowding around his bed not to shout for his name. Because he won’t be able to leave this world peacefully and be reincarnated into the next life.

I’m not sure if you believe it or not. But I do.

At that time when my father died, I was only 14 years old.

My mother single-handedly brought me up and I am really grateful. She is my mother and I’m ready to give up my life for her.

Yes, I’m raised up in a single-parent family. A family which displays the power and superiority of a woman’s strength.

I admire women who brought up their children (sometimes 10 of them in family) alone.

Women are the most outstanding among human kind.

Without women, there won’t be men. Without mothers, there won’t be fine men to rule the world.

I have shared in one of my wedding speeches that my life has been moulded by women, my aunties especially. I’m the only guy in my office. My best friends are ladies. I’m the only child but I have many supportive female friends who treat me like a sister.

My life is indeed indebted to women.

Thus, this post is dedicated to all the women out there.

Especially to the mothers and wives.

Without you, the house won’t be in order.
Without you, there won’t be no one to cry to.
Without you, there won’t be us.

If you are a mother or a wife, I would love to hear from you about your feeling being a mother or wife.

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