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A Husband’s Earning Power

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If your hubby is earning enough to support both of you even if you are not working, I want to send you my congratulation.

Normally after a wedding, the savings of the newly-wed depletes (or even in deificit) so much that it may take a few years for them to recover.

Traditionally, the role of a husband has always been the bread winner of the family. However, the role of a wife has evolved over the years as families nowadays can have two sources of income. One is from the the man, the other is from the woman.

The earning power of women have increased dramatically such that some women are earning as much as their husbands, if not more.

However, deep down inside, most women have the natural instinct of mothering a child still lie deeply in their subconscious.

Many women, if given a choice, will still choose taking care of their children full-time over keeping a job even if it is a highly-paid one.

Many times, such decision is not easy to make as there are other factors to be taken into consideration such as the earning power of the other significant half.

I remembered my mother wanted to quit her job soon after I was born so as to take care of me. She doesn’t believe in entrusting her own child into some domestic helper.

She rather trust herself.

As a guy or to be more specific, as the bread-winner of the house, the money to be brought home must be enough to feed every family member.

In addition, there are savings for children’s education, upbringing, medical expenses and so on. Nowadays, parents will also want to once in a while pamper themselves by going to eat at some lavish restaurants or going for oversea tours with the whole family.

Everything needs money, and no one is going to give you for free.

Thus, one will need to work more and also smarter to earn more money.

There are many ways to earn money:
1, Investing in securities
2. Investing in properties
3. Buying of Investment-Linked Policies
4. Internet Marketing
5. Getting a second job such as part-time tutor or other jobs

However, do do enough homework before jumping into such opportunities. It is like jumping into a well without knowing how deep it is in the first place.

The list of passive income source is endless and what most important don’t overwork yourself till you have not enough time for your family and your health deteoriates.

The rationale is even if you earn alot but your health is poor, the money earned will most probably end up “buying” the health that has been lost.

Plus, even if you may have so much money but no time spent with your love ones, the lost time couldn’t be bought even if you are the richest man on earth.

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    CJJune Says:

    One day http://www.wedding-gifts-supplies.com will take off and need not work so hard. I can see alot of self made millionaire has health problem. If not health then relationship problem.

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