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Deciding on Your Wedding Favors

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One of the things we are concerned about is Choosing Wedding Favors, a gesture of appreciation to the guests who are willing to take time to attend and shower their heartfelt blessings to us.

wedding favor

When deciding what kind of weddign favors to present to our valued guests, the following points may be helpful:


Wedding planning involves proper financial planning and budgetting. Wedding favors cost can add up to a substantial amount, and needs to be worked out as soon as you start the wedding cost planning.

Choose a wedding favor that suit your budgetting size, always allow cost expansion (additional charges) for wedding favors. Wedding favors cost may be risen by the increase of guests added into your guest list in the last minute.


Decide on a theme if you are choosing to customise and personalise your wedding favors. Customisation requires a longer lead time, therefore, you may need to work out a theme as soon as you have decided on a venue.

Theme can be worked around with Color Themes (pink, blue, multi-color etc) , Ambience Themes (Romantic, Exotic, Fun, Wacky, Dreamy, Zen etc), Season Themes (Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer etc), Style Themes (Simplistic, Loud, Contemporary etc). It’s your wedding, you call the shots and decide what theme you want to engage.

Types of Wedding Favors

The size of your budget will decide on the wedding favors choices. For more economical favors, you may consider using the favors provided by your venue vendor, which are normally at a minimal fee, or complimentary.

If you have larger budget size, you may decide on customised favors. There are many choices for customised favors and off-the-shelves favors.

Edible (chocolates, cookies, candies etc)
Keepsake (Magnets, plushie dolls, photo frame, albums, bookmarks etc)
Wearables (cell phone charm, pin back badge, keychains, handkie etc)

Seller/Buyer Relationship Management

It’s preferable to work with someone whom you are comfortable with, especially when it comes to customised services. Personalisation requires good quality communication between your seller and yourself to communicate effectively in order to produce the desired wedding favor of your style and requirement.

On the first appointment, you may like to establish these conditions:

Pricing (check if packaging is included in the quote or charged separately)
Additional charges (design fee, layout fee etc)
Lead time for job completion
Flexibility of additional order (this will determine your order volume, if the seller is able to produce any additional order in short time, you need not order too many excess, but to add in the order later)
Charges of additional order (clarify if design fee, layout fee is to be imposed again on repeat order)
Payment method (a 50% deposit of total invoice value is commonly required, some sellers require full payment)
Delivery method and charges
Read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure it includes a clause to your benefit of unfulfilled job order.

wedding favor

These are the samples of customised wedding favors. This is a set of fully customised fridge magnet, complete with a thank you note, and the magnet backing insert to hold the magnet in place.

wedding favor

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    CJJUNE Says:

    Interesting article. Can pick up much info from your blog. The music on your blog very romantic la. Can recommend to some of my clients some day.

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    Jhong Ren Says:

    Hi CJJUNE, thank you for your visit. The songs are very romantic and I have used them for my wedding. 🙂

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    lou Says:

    Hello. I was just out viewing blogs and came across yours. I have two web sites about wedding favors and Invitations that you can visit at: http://www.doyouneedafavor.com and http://www.myitalianweddingfavors.com when you have some time. Thanks! Lou

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    You got nice products, really really cute stuffs on wedding.Kudos to you am sure you got a long way to go for your business.

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