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Marriage Advice from Solemniser

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Wedding ceremony and celebration is just a moment of happiness.

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Marriage is for eternality.

During courtship, when the couple is staying in different homes, there is no overlapping of personal space and privacy.

Couples, at this point in time, may only see the good points of each other.

They are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

It is only after marriage, when both are sharing the same room, the same bed and the same house, there is intrusion of personal space and discomfort may arise.

Many married couples ask why it is that their partners had more flaws after getting married.

In fact, their partners did not changed. What had changed is their own perception on each other.

Expectations had increased. Tolerance level towards each other had dropped. There is less forgivings and understandings. There are lots more of “You should be this and that.” and “You must be like this or that.”

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After getting married, one should be able to focus more on the partner’s strengths and move along in life. Focusing only on weaknesses and flaws are like slow poison to their relationship.

The Solmeniser shared another interesting story:
“There was once a husband who told the wife to burn the certificate of marriage.

The wife was shocked to hear that.

The husband explained that they do not need the certificate to prove their love for each other.

The certificate is just a physical item.

If their love for each other is true, the faith and belief in each other is all they need.”

Getting married means embracing two people as one.

Marriage is full of ups and downs. Before married, we travelled as one. After married, we hold hands together and travelled as one. With two combined, the ability to overcome tasks and obstacles has increased dramatically.

The Solemniser also reminded that everyone to sprinkle tinkles of surprises in their daily lives.

They could give many surprises from hugs and embraces, give flowers and little cards to show appreciation to saying “I love you” every single day.

Love is like a young plant. It needs to be watered daily and cared for daily. The showering of expression of love is like the water and care for the plants. Without these, the plant (which is the romance) will die eventually.

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