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Does DIY Help You Save Money?

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Does DIY really help you save money?

Let’s take a step backward and see if what are the wedding items we can do it ourselves.

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There are placecard holders, corsages, labels, wedding favors, wedding gifts and so on…

The list is endless and even if you may want to try out making one item, the work would be multiplied by at a few hundred times depending on the quantity you are making.

Plus, you may need to shop for the materials, make an effort to the venue where they are sold, asking along people to help you and giving treats to them after their help.

There are many things to be done if you are saving, say $50.

Along the way, when the big day draws nearer, there are more tasks to be done.

There will be more decisions to be made and contigency plans to be drawn out.

If the DIY items had been done by the time, it will be a blessing.

And you are in line with your schedule.

But what if you are not?

Tasks and chores PLUS stress and frustration get accumulated.

Pressure built up in your body and there be feeling of not supported by people around you.

When other people start giving their own ideas and not following what you have intended, what will you do?

Will you give way to your friend for the sake of friendship?

Or insist on what you want because it is your wedding?

It is easy to say now we can work something out together. But when times come, it is going to put you in a very difficult spot.

If you are creative and have a group of friends who are good in art-and-craft, it is wonderful as your end products turn out to ebe of high standard and they are presentable and pleasant to look out.

What if it is otherwise? The object differs so much when you compare it beside the picture or photo.

What can you do? Remember the day is drawing near and there is not much time left.

What will you do if you have not enough time? Redo or leave it?

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4 Responses to “Does DIY Help You Save Money?”

  1. 1
    karenyiau Says:

    Your blog is nice & infromative. As for me I’ve enjoyed planning my wedding. DIY not only save some $$$ but also gives us the fun when doing it.

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    the process is important too…and we need to make it fun no matter how busy we r 🙂

  3. 3
    Lis Says:

    JR, DIY is only effective when time management is well planned. I DIY most of my wedding stuffs, it’s easy for me since I work from home. That also helped me with not needed to chase after too many vendors, as I would just need to do them way before the date drew near.

    It gave a great deal of satisfaction. I was proud to tell my guests that I DIY the favors, the hongbao box, my makeup, my veil etc etc.. That kind of ‘impressed’ my guests a fair bit.

  4. 4
    Terrica Says:

    Great blog! I definitely agree, DIY can be a great project or add more stress. A bride has to definitely consider her time management skills as well as how much she wants to pay for convenience and perfection. Keep up the good work.

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