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Wedding Gown…Feeling Absolutely Comfortable Wearing it

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wedding gown
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During the process of gown selection, there will be many times when we weren’t sure if the decision we made are the right ones.

Is the gown what we wanted?

Is the gown what people around us want to see us in?

Is it just because the gown looks pretty on the outside?

I feel there are alot of times that if we are not careful, our wedding is planned in the way how others want.

For example, I remembered one of our close friends who was one of the bridesmaids wanted a color theme for bridesmaids’ dresses. What she wanted is not what my wife wanted.

In the end, she didn’t get to be the bridesmaids because she chose not to come for the wedding. 😕

Before that, my wife was really struggling and weighing the importance of making her own decision for her big day and entrusting her best friend to help.

What if my wife had followed her friend’s decision and let her decide what the bridesmaids should wear?

My guess is we may now regret because it was not we wanted.

Perhaps, if her friend could have calmly discussed with my wife and convinced us that her decision was the best. Maybe things won’t have turned out to be so bad?

About wedding gowns, sometimes asking too many friends along may be a headache as there can be too many opinions and comments going on at the same time.

Feedbacks are good only the bride knows exactly what she wanted.

She could use the feedbacks to further jsutify what she chose was the right one she loved.

Remember I mentioned the “Wow” factor!!!

Bride should or MUST react with a “WOW” when she first sees herself in the mirror wearing that gown.

However, things get more complicated when what the bride chose is not what her mother wants her to wear.

Actually, gown selection is a simple process. The bride finds what she wanted to wear and wears the same gown on her big day.

But along the way came other people’s opinions…and this may complicate matter…and evetually who is less happy….

the bride of course…

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