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Wedding Day Make-Up artist

Choosing a ?good? makeup artist:

makeup artist
from justmic.com

– Someone who understands your style/ character to cater a look for you. However note that usually brides? makeup (in white gown) is rather angelic. Unless you ask for something different.

– Arrange for someone who is reliable (say is he/ she does freelance) because you do not want him/her to be late for makeup on your wedding day!

– Usually wedding studio has packages that comes with makeup. You can do a trial with them and see if you like it. For freelance artist there might be a nominal charge, however it still comes up to abt the same price as the studio makeup artist. Give yourself more options?

This article is contributed by Shuling.

*Jhong Ren’s comment:
Having anyone reliable on your wedding day is a MUST! You need reliable bridesmaids who are systematic planners and can help you to take care of matters if things didn’t turn well.

Having a bridesmaid that can do make-up is important too because she needs to help your do touching up now and then throughout the whole day.

We paid the same Makeup artist from the Bridal Studio S$50 to help my mother-in-law to makeup.

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