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Wedding DIY Placecards

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I have some emails from brides who grumbled over how much money they have to spent on their wedding.

In fact, there are some items which we could do it ourselves.

If our designs are nice and unique, we can even sell them to friends who have money to spare but no time.

These few posts will be for those of you who want to DIY or you may want to make them to sell.

But be prepared, DIY needs time, effort, patience and creativity.

If your designs are common and dull, customers can get from any where.

Looking at the websites of some brides, there are in fact brides who are entrepreneurial and they sell their wedding ideas to other brides.

They have so many ideas and the key difference is they allow customisation.

For a start, I would like to post on placecards.

Many times our placecards come together with the wedding dinner package.

Most of them look plain and simple.

Whichever wedding dinner we go to, all the placecards look the same and boring.

If you want to add more colors to your wedding with your personal touch, you can do the placecards yourself or you can even do it with your husband-to-be.

This can bring special meaning to your wedding when you recall it in the future.

Here are some samples that I find very creative and being creative doesn?t mean they have to be complicated.

Sometimes, simplicity is creativity too.

Here ar 5 designs you can choose.

wedding placecard
from elegantcheesecakes.com

wedding placecard
from ekota.ne

wedding placecard
from onlyweddingfavors.com

wedding placecard
from textstyledesigns.com

wedding placecard
from antoniaroseprinting.com

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