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Wedding Planning…Can Be Stressful…worldwide

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Lately, I realise from other foreign wedding blogs that it is a worldwide trend that the wedding couple is stressful during the planning period…

According to my opinion and my experience, these are the 2 categories that I have found out.

Common concerns for bride:
1. Wondering if they have made the right choice?
2. Coping with the parents (especially the mother’s expectation)
3. Coping with the stress that comes from work and planning the wedding
4. Concern of their weight and facial look
5. Concern with new adaptation to the new family

Common concerns for groom:
1. Money
2. Coping with the stress that comes from work and planning the wedding
3. Concern about relationship between wife-to-be and mother

From my planning wedding experience, thes concerns are unique to each of us because we are all unique.

Sometimes, depending on couples, some are able to cope alone. Other couples cope as a pair.

My experience was I do cope alone because I have the habit of solving problems myself and I try not to let it affect my family, including my wife.

Sometimes, such way of coping is not good and this is what I find out in the end.

I believe that couple should be able to confide in each other, sharing the burden of the problems.

Wedding planning is about two persons, not one…

Sad to say, this is always easier to be said than to be done. Each of us has our own problems too and we always go into advising mode whenever we hear a problem.

We want to solve them or at least “tell the person not to worry”.

Putting ourselves into the stressful person, is this what we want to hear? Not to worry? Not to think about it?

During wedding planning, though it is important to complete the weekly tasks, it is also important to take time out to destress and unwind.

How do you relieve stress?

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