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Wedding Bells … Dying

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Just received a news that the doctor says “got to be prepared for the worst”.

A lot of thoughts and feelings rush through me now.

Know these few days, the topics had been quite heavy for some of you.

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I apologise for that. A wedding blog is supposed to be fun and loving.

Just like what we think marriage is.

Unfortunately, it is never true.

For those who are preparing your wedding or could be in the final lap know what I mean.

Planning wedding is full of hurdles. Lots of ups and downs.

Family conflicts. Different practices. Lots of expectations, visible or unseen.

I’m sure this wedding preparation journey had made you understand your partner better…

Knowing how he thinks, he works, his fears, his yearnings and so on.

Not to worry..there is an eternal time to learn about him.

(When I say him, I am referring to both genders. >.<)

At this point in time, behind my mind, I am thinking, dying is just like queuing up.

Friends queued up to get married.

Did you realise that alot of such times is also the times our grandparents grow really old and start to go too?

That is why many brides and grooms are caught. It is just a few months to their wedding and suddenly one of their love ones passed away.

My cousin had met similar situation too when she was preparing her wedding three years ago.

However, our relatives were understanding enough to ask her not to attend the wake.

I knew there are many brides who really love their grandparents so much that they insisted in attending. It was a tough decision to make.

Right now, whatever your religion you are, if you are kind enough, to pray for my friend’s mom…wishing her well…

it’s a simple request from me….to shed some wedding happiness light on her…

thank you. :_(

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