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Wedding Blog got a New Look

Lately, I have been very frustrated over having not enough time for my family.

I was on the verge of not blogging at all.

But my readers emailed me that they still want my blog to be up as some have just subscribed to my emails (as what you see on the top left side-bar) and others are planning their wedding half-way through. They need help…

To make all of us happier, I have made my blog neater and more concise so that my readers can read better.

What do you like about this new look?

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One Response to “Wedding Blog got a New Look”

  1. 1
    Lissy Says:

    JR, what can I say, images speak a thousand words. I am very pictorial person, visualisation is best communicated to me.

    I love the new look. Guess you will know by now that I hate reading from small prints, I love books with some illustrations, or larger prints.

    Keep up the good work. No more blogging? What’s life going to be like for you, to murder one passion off? (right, you can always devote to your family, but then again, our ‘SELF’ fulfilling work must also be enhanced!!!)

    Obviously, I am not really ready to see this blog disappear, I have developed a routine to check back on your blog and regularly kpo-ing around, can’t imagine taking away this joy.


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