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Wedding Negotiation…Never Be the Loser

Many brides emailed me telling me how tough it was to bargain with the hotel coordinators…

It was tough for them even to request for something that they truly deserve.

red wine

It could be free corkages for another 10 more bottles of wines…Or another Free Helper’s room…or Free food tasting…

I have heard brides saying that “they will try”…or “they will see the mood of the coordinator”…or “the coordinators are so experienced. They just won’t barged. What can I do?”

Seriously, I am someone who don’t even know how to bargain. I will always take the first offer.

Wedding planning isn’t easy and that is why I bought this to help me…

I didn’t learn bargaining until the hotel that I had my wedding dinner at was too irresponsible. It was then we felt we must do something about it. If not, we would feel like mistreated.

What actually happened at the hotel was that our coordinator resigned. It was already the second time. 2 staff left in 5 months.

However, the new coordinator didn’t inform us. It was when we emailed our coordinator, then the new one replied us saying that she had “taken a long leave”. By that time, it was about a month before our wedding.

When we called the hotel, the Director of Food & Beverage said that she was on study-leave. When we wanted to bring this matter up to the Director of Business Management, she said that she had resigned too and now one of the managers in the same department had taken over as the acting-Director.

Wow, 2 staffs left the department and it must be something awfully worng that had happened.
The worse thing is the hotel herself was not even sure if she had quitted or she was on long leave. Or are they throwing to hide “something”?

We felt that the life of our wedding dinner was endangered!!

The acting-Director got in touch with us and mentioned a mere sorry that we were not updated and he felt sorry for us. We felt we were just like a normal customer to them.

We demanded a more sincere apology and would want the new coordinator to explain this. She should be professional enough to give a proper explanation.

Initially, we felt quite “bad” for pushing this matter all the way to the top. However, we felt somebody from the hotel had to explain it. If not, it will just be another sad encounter of one of their many customers.

Later, the acting-Director said he just wanted to close this matter and he was willing to give us another helper’s room as compensation.

We pushed for more… FREE Corkages fo all our wine….all 40 bottles. He instantly agreed!!!

This lesson had taught us that we, the customers, had to decide what we really wanted or deserved. If we feel ill-treated in any sense, we should demand an explanation, at least an apology.

scared simpsons

There were many times many customers grew “scared” and shun away.

I have heard from many of my friends who shared their unhappy stories…stories of hotel breaching the contract…breaking their promises so that they will sign on the dotted line.

There were instances that the hotel coordinator promised 1 waiter for each table…only to realise 1 to 2 tables on the actual day…the worst was that they were all new, first timers and were not trained at all to serve the guests.

there were also other instances that the coordinator mysteriously went missing and only to call the wedding couple up one week before the wedding day…

others gave stale fishes instead of fresh ones…and surprisingly, this came from a well-known 5 star hotel…

Is there any such experience you have heard before? I would love to hear from you.

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