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A Diversion from My Wedding Blog

I know this post is very off from my wedding content. But many bloggies friends of mine want to find out how did I increase my traffic to my wedding blog.

I was playing with this software SEOelite

It actually taught us how the spiders fo the Search engines crawl to our sites and this will determine the ranking of our web sites if a surfer ket a oarticular keyword, say “Wedding Blog”.

My experience of blogging about wedding is that as much as we want to just blog literally, but we can’t escape from the technical know-how such as html code, php and also the many web sites that support blogs such as technorati.

In addition, I also have to learnt about who the other surfers who like to read wedding blogs. This is where I find them….from social community such as MySpace, Friendster and BlogLog…

The last thing that bloggers can’t escape is driving traffic to our blogs…

LOTS of them to the sites…
wedding traffic
and that is why many fo them had got hold of this.

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