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Planning Your Wedding…while Suffocating Yourself?

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Wedding planning is a big project…a mega project, many times bigger than the multi-million project you have ever handled in your career…

Wedding planning can be such a large scale event that it may have suffocated many brides and grooms…physically, mentally, emotionally…and even in terms of their relationships

wedding suffocate

I have heard from some friends who mentioned…that their boy-friends specifically told them not to include them during gown-fitting as it is going to be a waste of their precious time…?

others take it much more easily and are not really bothered when they failed to get the hotels…the bridal studios or the gowns the bride wanted…they just take it easy…

though such way of coping can be healthy by not increasing unnecessary stress, it can be quite a disturbing scene to bride who will become doubtful of the committment from the groom…

There will also be cases when the groom had to go overseas to work and leave the entire planning to the bride…and only to blame her when things didn’t go the way he wants to be…

The abov scenarios can happened to anyone…not just the bride…situation can be caused by some insensitive brides too.

I remembered while I was planning my wedding, my wife was very busy with her new adjsutment to her career….and she really needed the space and time to get herself familiarise with her new environment…so I did some of the planning and execution initially…

Later, due to my coming exams for my second degree…my wife helped me alot by taking over the coordination and planning…

Wedding-planning became a partnership between us and we definitely learnt alot from there…

We learnt about prioritising and delegating the tasks based on our strengths…my wife is more vocal and she did all the calling…I did most of the planning and coordination and sourcing out for hotels for etc…

and what is really interesting, we partnered to squeeze the 2nd free helper’s room from the hotel…we didn’t really intend to get it…it is not a must….

but it turned out to be fun when I strategised how to go about “demanding” from the hotel what we want because “they have screwed up somewhere else“…it was really exciting to do something so dangerous together…

Planning wedding should be fun…no doubt it can be a roller-coaster ride with times the tram may even veered too far off the track…it should also be exciting…

PLUS what had been helpful for us is we live with the decision each other made and we didn’t question why or ask for more…we know we had done our best…

So you too, can lighten the load of planning your own wedding…by getting the wedding planning ebook that I have compiled for you.

How were you feeling during your wedding planning? I would love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to “Planning Your Wedding…while Suffocating Yourself?”

  1. 1
    jasz Says:

    I’m in the midst of my wedding planning. As I’m working and studying part-time in the evening, it has been a great challenge for me juggling with the many tasks and trying to schedule the events in order not compromise on any priorities. It’s tiring but it’s fulfilling, knowing that things will fall into place when the time comes.

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Sounds like you have the same experience with me….planning my wedding while studying and working…yes, eventually things will fall into place…. 🙂

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