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Master of Ceremony for Your Wedding Day

A bubbly MC is important for your big day.

We were fortunate to have two very good friends of my wife who could do wonderful hosting. Remember, the guests are all watching and whether they have an enjoyable night, it is also very much dependant on the MCs.

wedding MC

As we had Hong Kong guests at our wedding dinner, it was very important and crucial that one of the MCs could speak Cantonese and the other MC must be able to at least understand Cantonese. Luckily both can speak and understand Cantonese.

MCs are important to run the whole show. The wedding night was just like a big production and the MCs must be able to know in details what will be happening throughout the wedding dinner.

Cues must be given by the Hotel coordinator to the MCs at different segments.
For example, cue is given when:
1. The guests have to be seated just before the march in
2. The guests have to stand for the march-ins of the couple
3. The guests have to stand for toasting and many more…

Not to worry for the Mcs as the experienced Hotel Banquet Coordinator will do a thorough briefing 1 hour before the wedding reception starts.

Here is the download for our Wedding MC script.

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