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Email Enquiry From Valerie

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Hi before you carry on reading, I hope you can vote for Your Favourite Photo on the left sidebar… >.< --- * --- From Valerie:

“hey i saw from the forum that u held ur banquet at HIPV too! i juz chanced upon it. looks not bad leh. can tell me more and show me ur wedding dinner pics?

how many ballrooms do they have? how many themes? easy to nego for perks not?

seletar broadway gd? who was ur PG? i wan see ur pics also
cant find on ur site.. a bit hard to navigate leh..

thanks! ”

Hi Valerie,

I can sense that you have many questions to ask. Lets me answer you one by one.

This is the link to my wedding pictures…”My Wedding Snapshots” (You may want to view each post separately as the simultaneous running of all slideshows may slow down your computer.)

As for Holiday Inn Park View, you can download 2006 packages from here.

Easy to negoitiate perks or not…hmmm…you can read these few posts and then you decide for yourself. The BIG Surprise HIPV gave us, How we squeezed HIPV dry

As for Seletar Broadway, you can click here to see our wedding photos .

The service is generally fine (not sure is it because they know that the boss knows me.) Overall, their service is prompt and they call everytime one day before the appointment. As for my photographer.

This was what happened during our phootshot at Seletar Broadway.

As for my Actual Day Photographer, he is Ant and you can see his website www.antevy.com (He left “Let There Be Light and set up “Ant Evy”.)

My only comment for him is “under promise; over deliver” >.< You can read more about him here Post 1, Post 2 & Post 3.

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