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Cutting of Wedding Cakes

I still remembered when I was on the stage with my bride (now my wife) and we were ready to cut the cake.

It has all along mystified me how does the wedding cake actually look like. Is the whole cake edible? Are all the 3 layers real?

When I was on the stage, I was both nervous and excited. Nervous becaus eeveryone was looking at us. We were the stars for the night!!!

Excited to find out what was all the myth behind the wedding cake.

Soon we realised there was a small slit just big enough for the knife to cut through. We gave each other a vague smile…like “Huh??!! That is all?!!!”

Haha…unless we wanted to pay extra for a REAL one….think it is fine as long as there is a cake-cutting for us.

I have chanced upon this wonderful Our One Heart web site which is showcasing some beautiful and unique wedding cakes.

wedding cake
From www.aboutthecake.com

wedding cake

From www.maisiefantaisie.co.uk

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