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Wedding Email Enquiry from Sheelen

I want to share the following email with the response with all fo you so that we can all benefit from the reply I gave o her. I know at this point in time, many readers are submitting thier complaints and frustration through this.

I got this email enquiry from Sheelen

“Hi Jhong Ren,

I am a Dec’07 bride. Am currently looking at banquet venue. Do you have any recommendations?or any forum/blog site which i could view at?

I have recently signed up a bridal package with Feline Bridal during the Her World Bridal Show in Jan 07. I wonder if there is any Feline Brides in your site which could share with me their experiences.

I will be going to the bridal shop next wkend for selection of photographers as well as looking at the gowns… May I know what are the things I should take note of? Am also puzzled on what is the actual/normal payment process to the bridal shop?

Thanks and sorry to prompt you so many questions at once…

Shelen ”

— — — — — — — — —

“Hi Sheelen,

I will do my best to answer your questions.

To look for banquet venue, first you got to ask yourself what kind of ambience do you like? Or have you come across some wedding venues you have been to and you really like?

As for Feline Bridal, I’m not sure. But you can go to singaporebrides.com forum and check under feline bridal .look thru the threads and post your questions and concern.

You can also pop by their shop and ask the current customers how are their service. Something like spot check.

During selection of gown, there must be a “wow” factor when you first see yourself in the mirror. Choose one that fit your personality and preference; not the other way round.

For payment, normally is four times, one deposit when sign the package, choosing of gowns, photoshoot and collection of gowns.

Let me know if there is any more query. 🙂

Jhong Ren”

To my readers, if you have any info that you think can benefit Sheelen or other brides with simlar concerns, please feel free to add them as comments below.

In the past, someone enquire about bridal studios and Teochew wedding custom. Maybe this is helpful for you too.

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