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Let There Be Light

Below are some of the photos from Let There Be Light. (actually, the link broke so I replaced them with antevy.com photos)

The photos are really very beautiful. (edited on 14/3/06: I have no idea what happened to the photos at Let There Be Light photos…anyway..i added some antevy.com photos so that my readers can see photos.)

Go see…

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

These photos are taken at my cousin’s wedding. And the bride has become my cousin-in-law…and the smiling aunty is my aunty.

Coincidentally, my cousin and I engaged the same photographer, Ant who happened to move to set up another company called anyevy.com

(I think my cousin’s assignment is the last one Ant took. So that he can rush out our photos..what dedicated photographer!!! We waited for 1 month plus la….which is a decent period.)

Confusing, isn’t it? Both are named Ant except one ends with Ant”z”. Hehehe…many of friends had asked me so which will I recommend. I say follow where the photographer goes to.

Ant used to be from “Let There Be Light” and this is their website web site . Happy viewing!!!

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