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Encouragement to My Wedding Blog writer

I have received positive feedbacks on my blog and I will just share with you a few out of the many feedbacks I got:

encouragement for bride and groom

from daphne: “Hi,I’ve been lookin at ur blog for quite a long time. i tink it’s abt a yr? i enjoy reading ur blog alot n i use it as a guide too. shld u change ur url, hope u wil update me too. thx!!!… … ur blog benefits many!! it’s great! gd job! keep it up! =) ”

from rachel: “i am new to your blog. enjoy reading your blog…”

from snow: ” thank u for helping the brides at singaporebrides.com really help us save lots of time and troubles…thanks again!!!”

from jane: “thanks brightstar for staying to help.. :)”

hihi Jhong Ren,

In regards to your “Thank You to My Readers” post, i will like to express a
big thank you to U! thanks for taking your time in sharing with us your
valuable experiences.

it has been very nice to chat with u in s’pore bride thread. at least,
i know i will have someone i can pour out to if i have any unhappiness in
wedding preparation.

best regards,

encouragement for wedding couple

Wedding-planning is a long journey…it is about partnership between the bride and the groom. I’m also delighted to know that “My Wedding Blog”, in some ways, has been your partner to some of you and you find “My Wedding Blog” a great resource blog for you to read from…some of you have been reading daily. I want to thank all my readers … >.< Wedding-planning could be filled with both laughter as well as frustration...if you need somewhere to ventilate, you can always click here

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