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Thank You to My Readers

Hmmmm..interestingly…I have received quite a number of thank-you emails from readers…thanking me on how much help my blog had given them….and how much time and inconvenience they are sparred…

one consoling thing was that after reading my blog, they feel that the mood swings and frustration tumbles they are experiencing are considered normal because they realise many other wedding couples like me and the rest go through it too.

Wedding couples, while planning their wedding, may experience happiness, joy, bliss, delight…and also feelings from the other end of specturms of feelings such as frustration, confusion, anger…even hatred…or even hoplessness…

We always want someone to hear us out and desperately wanting to share our feelings with our close ones…but sometimes, our close ones may not even understand…or don’t even have time to hear us out…

As much as this blog has helped you, I also want my Wedding Blog to benefit new readers and more couples who will be planning their wedding in the future.

I want to provide them an avenue to release their pent-up emotions…or by reading postings of feelings that you will be sharing later…

If you want to share your wedding-planning experience or similar experience you have heard from others, please fill in the boxes below…

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