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Commitment to my wife and slay me if I don’t

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It is not easy to really listen to someone grumble of what happened to him or her in day and stay objective-minded and be sane enough not to give solutions.

Just constant nodding will be helpful enough unless the speaker asks for some suggestions or advice.

It has been 2 months plus since our wedding and everyone has been asking me what is different for me…

For me, I just want to continue to be who I am plus I want to have the power to embrace my wife wholly, accepting who she is and being there for her wherever she needs me.

Everyday, we have a routine of going for a walk of about 1 Km and while walking, we chit-chat, as if we were still in courtship period, listening, really listening to how each other’s day was and the feelings behind what had happened.

I know many people just want to give solutions to help the person but how many times did we shun away from such solution-providers because we felt that we are not heard?

As for me, I feel after everyday, we are all very drained, emotionally and mentally sapped by whatever good or bad incidents that had happened since the break of dawn.

Likewise, for me and my wife and being normal humans, we are not sparred from this similar daily routine we had to go through together with billions of people in the other parts of the world.

After each day, we had tons of things to share or things we are not very sure about and just want to talk it out. From each other, we garner strength and reassurance to push on to the next day.

It is a daily commitment and I’m not saying we are so disciplined to follow our routine everyday…sometimes, it is ok to give it a miss and we rest at home when we were too tired…

But what I want to share here…is I would want to do my best to stay committed to listening to my wife, really hearing her…and be there for her in times of springs and storms…

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