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Pillar of strengths…after wedding

Recently, I know I have not been posting regularly. Because I am reading this book on psychology to understand woman better and to understand the principles of holding a marriage strongly and intact.

After wedding, I have realised it is not so much about myself. It is all the time about us. I knew my wife has many dreams and goals plus not forgetting her challenges that she had daily.

Who can tell me that her day is smooth everyday? Not even mine.

I became her consultant in some way. More accurately, her pillar of strength…a pillar with listening ears and not being too fast to judge what she did or is doing is right or wrong…

I’m just there to listen and that’s all. And if she asks for suggestions to cope, I will clearly mentioned, “I’m just suggesting and I’m not her. Only she herself really understands the complete situation and only she knows what is best for her.”

In a way, I become her consultant…her humble consultant who, doesn’t tell her what to do, but to lead her to the solution she in fact already knew.

In addition, I’m also like a direction post, to direct her to figure out what her strengths are and how she can develope them and continue to grow and soar towards the sky.

I’m not saying I’m doing it very well, but I feel that is all I can do for her…that is to be her best support…someone who will continue to believe in her…always

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