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My Newly Married Life

Many people have asked me what difference is there in life before and after my wedding.

Seriously, there is not much of difference.

For me, I’m still going to treat my wife just like how I have treated her when we were in courtship, showering with love, care and concern plus gifts or in fact more gifts because she had become my wife and deserve to be treated even better.

The slight difference that I feel is that I have to be more commited to our relationship in more aspects such as financial, mental and health.

What do I meant by that?

I have to remember to prepare my wife’s breakfast when she woke up late.

I have to remember to draw the curtains when the sunlight is too bright so that she can continue sleeping.

I have to keep on reminding her to drink lots of water (or most of the time, fill 1/4 of her cup with water cos she can’t drink much at one go), to eat her Vitamin C pill and to go for jogging so that she can reduce her stress and increase her strength.

When our daily life routines intertwine and overlap and most of the times, become conflictual, there are many times I have to remind myself that I am her husband, not her nanny or her master.

I don’t have any right to change her living pattern or habit.

I have no right to tell her what to do.

I have no right to control her daily schedule.

In fact, what I feel best for both of us is to minimise changes in our life. We continue to be who we are and to live on as what we have done in the past.

For me, the key to a happy and healthy marriage life is respect, tolerance, understandings and lots of communication.

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