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Collection of my Wedding Photos

We were very excited especially this week as we will be able to collect our wedding photos. Normally, the wedding photos are ready for collection 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding day.

What we have in the package:
1. 1 15″ Album of 28 photos
2. 1 CD of the softcopies of all the photos that are developed
3. 1 “3photos in 1″ Frame (which is to be hung on the wall)
4. 1 10″ X 12” Table-top
5. 48 pieces of 4R photos with 8 poses
6. 2 5R album of 28 photos

I have mentioned in earlier posts that we have to meet up with the staff incharge of designing and editing the wedding photos at least two times before we were completely satisfied with the results. It really takes a lot of organising, compromising of our busy schedule to squeeze out the necessary amount of time to complete various tasks.

Be prepared that it is during such times that the wedding couple is especially busy. Though, the appointment has been fixed 3 months earlier, we had to change it once to suit our schedule.

During this week, we have to meet up with the wedding coordinator to discuss the details of wedding dinner, meet up with my “committee” of helpers (brothers and sisters), “Guo Da Li”, do the power point presentation of our personal photos and prepare the items for “Guo Da Li”.Not forgetting there will be hi-cups along the way and unforseen changes with the hotel/ bridal studios. Many things are really unavoidable and what we can do is face the issues and solve the challenges together.

I personally believe how we, as wedding couple tackle the obstacles for our wedding, will roughly resemble how we face challenges and barriers after marriage.

Remember, wedding is not the end of a courtship but the start of a long journey… … so there is still much to be learnt… 😀

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    Shuling Says:

    Dun forget to send me the photos and article for our newsletter! By the way… I do massage lor. I can recommend some massage oils hehehe.

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