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Thank you to “My Wedding Blog” Readers’ emails

Thank you to the many thank-you emails I have received from the regular readers after they have viewed My Wedding Blog.

(This blog is only about 3 months old and it has been read by over 9,000 different readers from at least 25 different countries ranging from USA to Mexico to China to India to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Sri Lanka. My Wedding Blog has been “added as Favourites” at least 6,000 times in over 5,000 computers.)

Some emails are very truly generous complimenting how I have go all out to win the heart of my fiancee during courtship days before she became my girlfriend, during these 5 years while she was my girlfriend and during proposal day when she became my fiancee.

Some female readers emailed me regarding how they wish their boyfriends will do what I have done for my fiancee: folding paper cranes (like my 99 Cranes as a Wind Chime), using their hands to make handicraft gifts (like my Toothpick 1-metre tall Eiffel Tower) for their birthdays and making their proposal night a truly romantic and memorable one.

Other readers complimented how I’m a very thoughtful gentleman whose sincerity in my relationship has warmed and melted the hearts of my many readers, especially ladies. In addition, they have even stated they have told their boyfriends/ husbands about what I have done and in a way, I have made up tough game rules (in relationship) for other guys to abide by.
I’m really touched when I read the emails.

What I would like to say here is different partners/ spouses are unique. They might have done something really special for you, something that I may not have even thought of. I would hope that all couples out there appreciate, not in the final outcome, but really fully enjoy the process of being in the comfortable space of your love ones.

I, hereby, would like to wish all you well and have a truly lasting loving and caring relationship.

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