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Wedding Cakes

?It may come as a surprise to most brides that, originally, the wedding cake was not eaten by but thrown at the bride! It developed as one of the many fertility traditions surrounding a wedding. Luckily this custom evolved into actually eating the cake.

Today’s Traditions

? Most people don’t associate the wedding cake with having lots of children anymore, instead the wedding cake has become kind of a first meal for the bride and groom. Today’s couples cut a slice before anyone else and feed it to each other, symbolizing the support they’ll provide through their many years together. In addition, the confections themselves have become a showpiece instead of a symbol – you can get a wedding cake with a fountain in it, pieces of infrastructure (bridges and such), or cakes that you could honestly mistake for a present or a hat or other inanimate objects.


For more wedding cakes, you may want to take a look at these web sites:




My friend?emailed me?some crude photos of?objects to be displayed on the wedding cakes.

These are figurines are to be placed on top of the wedding cakes.




Would you want a piece of these?

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    Wedding Cakes Girl Says:

    One new wedding “tradition” that I’m not a huge fan of when the bride and groom smash the cake in each others’ face. To me, it’s passive aggressive and just downright silly.

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