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Install the Bridal Bed & Hair Combing Ceremony


A good fortune woman will install the bridal bed in the bridal room up to 12 days before the wedding day on an auspicious date. New red or pink bedsheets are used and a plate of dried longans, lotus seeds, red dates, persimmons, sprig of pomegranate leaves together with 2 red packets are placed on the bed. A pair of bedside lamps is lit to symbolize adding sons to the family.


Good fortune women will conduct this ceremony for the bride and groom in their respective homes the night before the chinese wedding. After showering with water infused with pomelo or pomegranate leaves, the bride and groom will change into a new set of clothing and shoes. The good fortune women will bless them aloud as they sit in front of an open window with a visible moon or in front of the mirror.

The four blessings are:

??????(First combing, together all your lives)
???????(Second combing, harmony in your marriage)
???????(Third combing, blessed with many children and grandchildren)
???????(Fourth combing, blessed with longevity.)

Sweet pink rice ball soup?? will be served after the hair combing ceremony to wish the couple a complete and sweet marriage.

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