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Summary of my wedding blog

Hi, many readers email me where on earth are my wedding photos? Even my actual day photographer asks me that…Meanwhile, this wedding blog will be a diary of my daily experience of?becoming?bridegroom-to-be..my ups and downs everyday…

?Yes, I promise all of you I will upload my wedding photos taken at the bridal studio. The studio told me, last checked with him, I can only get in end of October. It is normal to get the photos and albums 1 month before the Wedding Dinner.

Meanwhile, this is how my blog can benefit you if you or your friends who?are planning your wedding or going to plan:

1) Forward them my wedding blog (only if you know it may benefit them in any way.)

2) To view my “Wedding Checklist (1 year to 1 day ahead) -? things to do before the Big day”, click here

3) Go to my “Categories” located at the LEFT sidebar if you want to view my posts pertaining to any category.

As of today, the available categories?are (You can click on the categories below directly)


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