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Singapore’s First Wedding Blog Readers from All over the World

I’m totally thrilled when this little wedding blog of mine has been read by about 6,000 times by readers from all over the world since I launched it on 1/8/06. You can check out the veiwership?from my?site meter at https://www.sitemeter.com/?a=stats&s=s22yjr2002&r=0

This blog started off with the frustration we experienced when planning our wedding. Not many people around us know the first step till the last step of wedding planning. Even those whow ent through can vaguely remember what to do exactly. Different people know different bits and I got to piece up all the info. There is no one stop centre for me to land on. Plus, I’m working. Likewise for my fiancee, she is working too.
So, I asked myself why not I make a blog for all couples who intend to plan or are planning their weddings. In addition, I only get to plan my wedding once a lifetime, so I want to document what I have done. What do you think about this blog?

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