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Ups and Downs

Everyday, we took a bit of our time to discuss something related to the wedding no matter how tired we are. We delegated the tasks and encouraged each other to move on.
For example, it is not easy to find the bridal studio, hotel or photographer we like. For me, I did research on more than 15 hotels, visited about 3 and went back home to discuss for about a week. It is not just convincing each other but ALSO convincing each other’s families.
Different person has different concerns and opinions. It is like telling others why our decision is the best. It is not easy.
I had a friend who quarrelled everyday with his fiancee over financial matter. The other even thought of calling off their wedding. Some asked me if they can’t even handle a simple couple-project, how can they handle the rest of the journey after marriage. Some fear marriages inside because of the committment and the loss of “freedom”. Marriage is totally different from courtship period.<.div>?

There will be many thoughts, anxiety, worry, anticipation and concerns. Some even married due to some hidden agendas.
Marriage is not just related to individual. It affects everybody once the two families interlock each other and in the future, when the couples have their children. Don’t understand why nowadays people look for divorce as an easy way out. But this will be discussed in future postings.
So now, we move on. Hope we will settle the issue on the photographer/ videographer soon!!! By next week, I hope!!!

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One Response to “Ups and Downs”

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    Anonymous Says:

    u r so rite! spending time out wif each other is impt esp to discuss impt events tt will make a lasting impression on a once in a lifetime proj 🙂
    marriage is not abt the individual BUT i wld like to stress tt having each other on a vy stable footing wif gd communication and understanding is of utmost importance as it is thru the power of 2 tt all things r possible! phy

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