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Email Interview EspoirBridal.com


I had the chance to interview Dave Koh, founder, executive producer and chief photographer of EspoirBridal.com.

Here is the email interview:

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you startout and what is your wedding site & business about?

I am Dave Koh, founder, executive producer and chief photographer of Espoir Bridal. Espoir means hope in French. My company provides photography, videography and printing services not only for weddings, but also major corporate clients.
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9 Perfect Wedding Photo Angles and Setups To Leave A Lifetime of Memories!

Wedding photos, beside videos are the only for us to feel the thrill and excitement of a wedding, by not being there.

They serve as doumentations of the exact happenings with the emotions and expressions. In the past, wedding photographers are only seen as a job and there is not much importance.

Now, they are given more recognition and respect, not just in the photos they took but also in the unique photography skills each of them possesses.

Here are 9 perfect wedding photos I have found from the internet and I have provided a direct link back to their websites.

wedding photographs
photo from nicholas pippins

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Overseas Photo Taking Tips

Now that you have decided on taking wedding photos, you need to decide whether indoor photo shoots are sufficient, or you will love to take your photos overseas.?

First, you have to decide where you want to have your overseas wedding photo shoot. What is it about your own country that is lacking? For example, if your dream wedding photos are taken at a pristine beach with clear blue sea, then your landlocked country or city will not be able to offer that. If you have always dreamed of taking pictures at the Eiffel Tower or in front of a majestic old cathedral, then you may have to go overseas.

Next, you have to take care of the logistics. Taking photos in your own city or country is already a tough process. Do you want to up the difficulty level by going overseas? Do you plan to hire a photographer overseas? Are you able to look at this photographer?s portfolio before you commit? You may want to check out wedding forums to see what other people have experienced. Some photographers may offer their services too.

In addition, makeup artistes in other countries may be used to doing the makeup for their local people, and your face structure may be different. They may not be able to bring out the best features in you if they are unfamiliar with your race. In addition, their idea of beauty may be different from you. You cannot expect to take photos without having great makeup. Besides, some makeup artistes do not do the hair as well, which means you have to look for another hairstylist. If you are able to have good contacts, then this is not a problem. If not, coordination is going to be a major problem.

Your local bridal studio may not allow you to bring your wedding gown for overseas photo shoots, especially if it is rented. That is because they want to protect their gowns. Usually, gowns for outdoor shoots are plainer, as they are meant for the outdoors. They certainly do not relish the thought of getting their expensive gowns ruined before your actual wedding. Hence, you may have to think about how to get hold of wedding gowns for your photo shoot.

Make sure your passports and visas are in order before you fly over. Are there flights to that far flung island in Thailand or do you have to take boat rides there?

Timing is a factor. If you want to take photos by the beach, I?m sure you do not want to go during the monsoon season where rain is constant and flooding may even be a problem. If you go in the wrong season, the flowers may not have blossomed, or the leaves may not have turned golden in autumn.

Finally, cost is a major factor. Make sure you do not blow your budget when you take your photos overseas. If you are bringing your own team over, you have to pay for their accommodation on top of their services.

Whatever it is, make sure you have fun while taking photos instead of stressing yourself out. After all, the bride that looks the best is the one that is having the most fun. Do consult your groom before making any decision, because a wedding should be for both parties. Taking photos overseas is definitely something to remember.

Guestblogged by Sarah Tan?who is currently in Perth taking her wedding photos.

Overseas Wedding Photos

Dreaming of taking your wedding photos overseas? That has been my dream since a long time ago, especially with at places that I will never be able to find in Singapore. I longed to take pictures at a lavender farm after seeing some beautiful photos in the newspaper. When I saw a wedding travelogue on TV, I was even more captivated by the great scenery. By a stroke of luck, I chanced upon the same bridal studio that sponsored the trip and immediately got my husband to see the photos for himself.

It was a tough decision and we told the coordinator at the road show we would think about getting the overseas bridal shoot as we already had our own wedding package prior to this. The additional money to be spent on the trip would come in handy for our wedding preparations, such as getting a better venue, or securing more tables for our friends during the wedding dinner.

Nevertheless, we told ourselves that we could go on the trip like a normal year-end holiday that we usually had, and at the same time, we get to have professionals take our wedding photos overseas. We would be made to feel like stars while having our holiday.

In addition, we would not have to worry about being dependent on one studio to ensure our wedding photos are well taken. That was because we had bought our wedding package from the bridal studio without doing any preparatory work as we were lured by the very persuasive staff. I nearly broke down after checking up on the bridal studio on a wedding forum, and saw very negative reviews.

Therefore, my husband finally agreed to pay for the overseas wedding photo shoot in Perth, Australia, and we signed up for the package. I?ve chosen my wedding gowns, and we would be setting off next week. Find out more on how the photo shoot goes, and what to look out for when choosing wedding photography packages if you wish to take your wedding photos overseas.

Guestblogged by Sarah Tan

Pink Sony and Canon S3 Cameras for Professional Wedding Photographer?

I was given the heavy responsiblity of being my cousin’s “professional” wedding photographer on her big day.

Armed with only a Sony T100 (luckily not a pink Sony Camera) and my Canon S1 digital camera (the latest one is Canon digital Powershot S3, I will be the wedding photographer for the whole day.

Oh my! Now I’m super-stressed.

My cousin’s wedding is going to be in December 07 and I really look forward to her big wedding day.

I heard that she will be getting some more friends to help her take photographs and I certainly hope that they can be better, if not the best wedding photographers she can find.

I have never felt so stressful about taking wedding day photographs.

I remembered during my own wedding planning, it was stressful to find the right wedding photographer. So now when I come to think of it again, I wonder if I am up to the mark to help take photos for my cousin.

I did take some photos for her during her solemnisation. It was fun snapping away.

Cool! I’m going to be one-day wedding photographer!

I’m sure it will certainly be fun and exciting to capture different shots from different angles, just like a photojournalistic wedding photographer.

I only have 2 digital cameras and Now let’s take a look what type of camera I will be using and give it a Sony digital camera review:

Sony T100:

sony cyber shot digital camera
from image-acquire.com

So far, I have been really satisfied with my Sony T100 digital camera. I think initally my wife bought it partially because of the “face-detection” feature of up to 8 faces.
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