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Preparing Your Skin For Your Wedding Day!!!

Post Contributed by Gwen Goh:

smooth legs

Preparing your skin for the big day yet does not have sufficient time to go for the professional facials? We shall unveil some of the jargon in moisturizers and let you purchase what?s necessary to maintain your skin condition in the midst of your wedding preparations.

For simplicity we shall introduce 2 basic layers of your skin:

– The outermost is call the epidermis

– Below it is the dermis where the lack of elasticity would cause wrinkles

Moisturizers can act as a sealant that traps moisture that already exists in your skin as well as a moisture magnet that attracts moisture from the surrounding. Moisturizers have molecules some larger than the others. The 3 common skincare products are serums, gels and creams.

Serum ? Gel ? Creams

Serums are sometimes known as essences which have the smallest molecules and creams have the largest molecules due to its chemical compound. Imagine your skin has tiny pipes leading down to the layers of skin and the molecules are tiny balls going down the pipe. We would apply the serums first because it has the ability to penetrate below the epidermis layer, followed by the gel and then the creams which acts like a cork which seals them all.
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Asian Wedding Brides are More Stressed

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Women multi-task nowadays ranging from doing office work to housework.

Again, the new generation of women seldom do housework in Singapore. If you are doing otherwise, you are a rare gem in the women’s society and men ought to know you now.

Over 54 per cent of women in Singapore work. Plus they have to learn to cope with the mounting pressure from their bosses and the accelerating pace.

If today you can do 5 things, you are expected to do 10 things tomorrow and 20 things on the following day.

With technology, women are expected to work 24/7/365. Can you imagine your wife still checking emails from her Blackberry at 11pm on the bed?

With emails, sms, WiFi and so on, women are always on call, juggling appointments, deadlines and above all, multi-tasking.

In fact, most brides could have been worried with the additional family obligations they have to do after marriage.

Not only they have to be their husbands’ wives, they also have to be mothers, house-keepers. daughter-in-laws and so on.

Beisde putting in long hours of work in the office, women may have to rush home to oversee housework and cook dinner for everyone else at home.

I must say women are the greatest on this planet as they often put their own needs last.

A simple fact is without women, there won’t be men.

Another big worry for women is the change in appearance after pregnancy. Have you come across more and more slimming programes targetting at pregnant mothers?
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New Updates on “Beauty Tips for Brides & Bridemaids”

I have just posted two short articles on

1. Items to put in a bridemaid’s or bride’s bag

2. Choosing a “good” makeup artist
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A Page for My Picture Slideshow & another for Beauty Tips

For the convenience of my wedding blog readers who have requested for an all-in-one page for all my wedding picture slideshows plus other wedding photos that I have taken in other weddings, you can click here.

Recently, I have asked another bloggie friend to add in useful short articles for some beauty tips for brides and bridesmaids. Hope these resources are useful for you.

Doesn’t matter you are a bride or bridesmaid or a guest who is attending a wedding, all of you deserve to look in your best!!!

Taking Care of Your Face

What you should know about taking care of your face.

1) No face scrubbing everyday! Your skin takes time to renew itself.
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