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Email enquiry: Housing, Cheaper Wedding Gowns, Bridal Makeup

Hi, I have an email enquiry from some of my readers:

“Hi Jhong Ren,

I concerns about the housing.

Where can get the cheaper wedding gowns,bridal makeup & styling in singapore.

Thank you.

Susan :)”

My suggestion to this answer is you can ask around from your married friends if they have any recommendation of friends in this line. Or you can pay your Make-up artist from your bridal studio for freelance assignments. Perhaps, she may charge around S$50 for one make-up session.

For cheaper wedding gown, you can ask for off the rack from local bridal studios. There lots to choose from along Tanjong Pagar Road and you can check out their pricing. “Remember don’t be pressurised to sign their contract by their very persuasive sales team.

Then, alternatively, you can visit those bridal studios from neighbourhood areas. They may have cheaper gowns.

The last option is get second hand prom dresses and have them altered by a seamstress who you can trust. It may be much cheaper than getting them from a bridal studio. 🙂

*** *** ***

and from another reader, Frankie.

by the way, any sites to get free downloadable songs for the wedding?

My suggestion is…
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7 Must-Know for Wedding Make-Up

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wedding make up

For Asian brides, it has been quite different when it comes to the make-up on their faces.

Even though my advice is to know yourself and what type of make-up suits you most, the make-up artist you are engaging either make or break you.

Of course, assuming all is well and the make-up artists know their stuffs, brides just need to know abit more to radiate their glow wider.

The bride is still the main focus after all!!!

Let’s recall what I shared with you when my wife met up with the make-up artist on the day of our photoshoot.

You will need to:
1. Cut out some pictures of your preferred styles from wedding magazines
2. Get about 5 to 10 pictures.
3. Be open to new ideas the make-up artist have for you
4. Work with the make-up artist on how you can be in your best

I think make-up is really proportional to the personality of the bride.
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Asian Wedding Brides are More Stressed

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Women multi-task nowadays ranging from doing office work to housework.

Again, the new generation of women seldom do housework in Singapore. If you are doing otherwise, you are a rare gem in the women’s society and men ought to know you now.

Over 54 per cent of women in Singapore work. Plus they have to learn to cope with the mounting pressure from their bosses and the accelerating pace.

If today you can do 5 things, you are expected to do 10 things tomorrow and 20 things on the following day.

With technology, women are expected to work 24/7/365. Can you imagine your wife still checking emails from her Blackberry at 11pm on the bed?

With emails, sms, WiFi and so on, women are always on call, juggling appointments, deadlines and above all, multi-tasking.

In fact, most brides could have been worried with the additional family obligations they have to do after marriage.

Not only they have to be their husbands’ wives, they also have to be mothers, house-keepers. daughter-in-laws and so on.

Beisde putting in long hours of work in the office, women may have to rush home to oversee housework and cook dinner for everyone else at home.

I must say women are the greatest on this planet as they often put their own needs last.

A simple fact is without women, there won’t be men.

Another big worry for women is the change in appearance after pregnancy. Have you come across more and more slimming programes targetting at pregnant mothers?
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Bridal Hairstyle Part 3

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As a groom that time, I felt that the make-up of my wife is very important. In addition, the wedding gowns she chose, the shoes she was wearing, her bridal hairstyle, her hair accessory were important factors to how both of us look on the aisle during march in.

It is not to say because I wanted to look good and that is why she had to look good.

It should be the other way: Because my wife looked pretty, that is why I looked smart.

As a groom, I felt that we had to play our part in not just being physically there, but also assuring and giving opinions how our brides looked in different make-up and hairstyle.

Emotionally supporting your wife is very important too.

Alot of times, just mere mentioning that “You do look pretty in this” or “You looked better in that” makes the bridal experience more pleasant.

I remembered I had an email from a bride who asked for my opinion if she should forgo the gown her family members disallowed her to wear. However, it was the same gown her husband chose and that was why she was caught in between.

As much as she wanted to go along with her family’s decision, she also wanted to wear something her husband had personally chose for her.
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Bridal Hairstyle Part 1

If you are a female reader, I’m sure your knowledge on bridal hairsyle is much more than mine.

I would like to share how you can more easily explain to your make-up artist the type of hairstyles you want.

These are what you can do:
1. Surf the net or browse through wedding magazines.
2. Cut or print out the photos of brides with the hairstyles you want.
3. Bring these pictures during your visit to your make-up artist.
4. With the photos, describe to them what you have in mind.
5. Make-up artist will spend some time doing the new hairstyle for you.
6. See if your really like it and it further enhance your personality.
7. Check out any hair accessory that is available.
8. If you need to borrow any accesory on the wedding day, do arrange to collect from the artist a few days before that day.

A good tip is remember to choose something that suits you, that the other way round.

Here are some photos I managed to get from the net (with links back to their websites)

bridal hairstyle
from makeupmagician.com

bridal hairstyle
from aperturephotographics.com

bridal hairstyle
from parkviewlifestyle.com

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