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Try a Temporary Tattoo on Your Big Day

from aprilesole

If you’re planning a non traditional wedding, or a traditional one that’s not too formal, you might want to investigate the world of temporary tattoos. That might sound a little odd at first, but once you learn more, you’ll be surprised at how appropriate temporary wedding tattoos can be. Tattoo like types of skin decoration are getting higher quality and longer lasting, and some – like henna – are traditionally used in wedding preparations elsewhere in the world.

These decorations are fun, last for a few days to a few weeks, and don’t have the pain, cost, or permanence of a real tattoo. They come in many different types, and can be placed in a number of different locations. Airbrushed paint or henna can be used around the eye or elsewhere on the face, like makeup, on the chest and the upper back, near the garter so they can be seen when you lift your skirt, on the ankles, or on the hands.

Temporary tattoos aren’t just the stick on kind that kids get out of a gum machine anymore. There are lots of different options. Henna tattoos are a popular choice, especially for brides who want a little bit of exoticism in their wedding. Used in North Africa and India, these are completely natural markings. Real henna is an orange to brown stain that comes from a particular type of plant. It stains most strongly on the hands and feet, and the palms and soles of the feet are what are traditionally decorated.

Watch out for colored “hennas”, since they’re often chemical dyes, including cheap hair dye. They’re not healthy, and some people can develop serious allergic reactions to them. Make sure that you or the artist you deal with is using real henna if this is the type of tattoo you prefer. Of course, there are other options that don’t have the same concerns with them, such as painted and airbrushed wedding tattoos.

Airbrushed temporary tattoos can look very realistic. Just like many regular tattoos, they’re stenciled on, but they last for only a few days, not forever! They’re also less permanent and more predictable than henna, which can be pretty hard to perfect. A skilled airbrush artist will be able to give you a really attractive painted design, whether it’s in black and white, one or two colors, or a full color image.

Different airbrushed tattoo ideas include butterflies, hearts (maybe with both your initials inside) flowers, or stars. If it’s a theme wedding, then the tattoo can fit the theme. Glitter and jewels may also be incorporated.

Include sparkling stones and other elements along with your temporary tattoo for extra beauty. You can choose colors that match your wedding colors, and even make a fun bridal party event out of it. Temporary tattoos are great for brides-to-be, and add something a little different to a modern wedding.

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