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Top 10 Maid of Honor Duties

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from cloughridge

A successful wedding is mostly dependent on how well each person plays his or her part in the ceremony. It is much like a sports team whose main goal is to score points. One big player, the maid of honor, is at the center of everything in a wedding ceremony and could even extend beyond the reception.

Consequently, it is essential that you choose the maid of honor that is not only closest to your heart but is also somebody whom you know you can trust enough to facilitate the smooth flow of the wedding. Before you decide on a certain person, try to match her with the following responsibilities for a maid of honor:

1. Before the wedding, the maid of honor can assist you with organizing and mailing out your wedding invitations. This is usually a tedious and delicate process that needs counterchecking.

2. While it is not strictly considered a duty but more of an intimate bonding, the maid of honor should be with you when you start selecting your wedding dress. The designer’s opinion matters a lot but you will know you’ve got the right dress if your maid of honor approves of your choice.

3. One of the most exciting duties of the maid of honor is to plan and organize the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Since these two occasions are meant to be a tribute to the bride, it should be the maid of honor who should ensure that it will be a memorable experience for you.

4. On the wedding day, the maid of honor has to be the mediator between the bride and the rest of the people in the ceremony. This means that the maid of honor should relay your messages so you don’t have to be the one going back and forth in your wedding gown.

5. Once again, the maid of honor is the executive assistant during the wedding ceremonies. For instance, the wedding dress with it’s flowing train can be a lot to handle and the maid of honor will be right there to straighten the gown and arrange your train. She will also hold your bouquet at certain times during the ceremony.

6. Arranging a marriage is a huge undertaking and your maid of honor should be there to give you emotional support and encouragement. All these activities can be stressful and you need someone to be your “rock”.

7. Another important role for the maid of honor is to be there for the signing of the marriage license. She will be a primary witness that indeed the marriage is binding and legal.

8. At the reception, the maid of honor is usually expected to give a toast and will often invite other guests to give their dedication to the bride and the groom.

9. She also makes sure that the program during the reception is going smoothly from the presentation to the dances. If she encounters any issues, she points them out to the caterer, photographer, parents of the bride, etc., or handles them herself.

10. Finally, the maid of honor helps out the bride after the reception by bringing home any gifts brought to the reception and wrapping up any loose ends.

The maid of honor has many important duties in your wedding, so choose someone who is not only special to you but can handle these duties.

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